Shih Tzu


Small breed dog that stands out, apart from for its incredible spectacular fur, for a most charming character. It is a strong and muscular dog, with a peculiar characteristic: its hair, long and silky, never falls out. In fact, it is ideal for allergy sufferers, because Shih Tzus do not lose their hair. Some are multicolored while others have only one color.

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to care for your Shih Tzu


  • It is not a silent dog, during sleep it snores a lot.
  • Your teeth require proper care.
  • You can gain weight very easily, so a healthy and balanced diet is recommended.
  • Despite being a dog that can live in an apartment, it needs at least one or two daily walks.
  • In summer or when it is too hot, it is better not to take it for a walk in the hottest hours: it is a dog that suffers from high temperatures.
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