This video already has more than two million views on TikTok. According to its creator, @kylo.gsd, the grieving little dog is Stormy. She belonged to her grandmother, who just died. She took her home even though she already had two other animals: a German shepherd named Kylo and a cocker spaniel named Vision.

Stormy is very sad, but she has found comfort in Kylo. You can see how the German Shepherd has created a strong bond with her. “I can’t express how much it warms my heart that Kylo gives Stormy so much comfort,” the video reads.

The little dog snuggles up to the German shepherd and rests its head on his belly. Even Kylo seems to be trying to wipe away her tears at one point in the recording. According to Leigh Siegried, CEO and founder of Opportunity Banks, the dog appears to have transferred the emotional and physical connection he received from his owner to the other dog. “She is using him as a source of comfort and security,” she has told Newsweek.

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